1350 Good enough for UCLA

<p>I got a 1350 (720 math and 630 verbal) and have SAT II scores of 790 (US history) 740 (Math IIC) and a 640 (Writing)?</p>

<p>I also have 4.2 weighted and 3.75 unweighted and lots of ec.</p>

<p>Your writing is a bit weak but the rest seem fine.</p>

<p>thanks zantedeschia</p>

<p>Agreed with zantedeschia. Good luck. I'm also applying (with lower stats.)</p>

<p>you're applying out of state right?</p>

<p>Im in california so instate</p>

<p>i would try to break 1400 if i were u
im sure with a gpa like that u can do it
if not, u still have a strong shot</p>

<p>I will try to break 1400 but do what would you guys give my admission to ucla in percentages? Also what does match mean(is it that i have a fairly good shot at being accepted?)</p>

<p>A match means you have about a 70% chance of acceptance.</p>

<p>This is empirical but...my sister got into UCLA with a 1230, her best friend with an 1150. Keep in mind that UCLA's average SAT score is 1260. So yeah, you're in good shape.</p>

<p>It's a tough call. UCLA has become SUPER competitive now. But I'd say you have a decent job. BTW, Gatsby- cute location (West EGG,CA)</p>

<p>how is UCLA's average SAT score 1260 if it is competitive? I'm not saying that you're wrong, I'm just wondering.</p>

<p>actually joe i think u have really good scores, especially with ure great satII scores. and remember for ucs that they couldnt twice as much as ones.</p>