1390 for international student.....HOPELESS???

<p>i have a combined score of 1390 on SATs....(610Verbal..learned english for 5yrs....-.-)
many people have been telling me that I have no chance at ivies.......
i know that I have no chance at HYP....and i do not even want to apply there.....but besides those 3 top ivies....do I have a shot at Dartmouth, Upenn, Columbia, and Cornell????? am I HOPELESS????
I don't think i can improve more on verbal.....i think i've reached my limit....
somebody please give me some hope..........................T.T</p>

<p>no. you have no hope. a 1390 is HORRIBLE! omg, you are going to have to be a laborer beacuse you failed the SATs...you will never have hope in your life again...</p>

<p>ok then, after all that sarcasm that i have been wanting to get out because of my essays being kinda horrible...oh, and dont take any of that personally. i didn't mean it. i am just stressed out and am taking it out on you. :-) </p>

<p>ps. you're awesome!</p>

<p>a 1390 is an amazing score for international. dont feel bad about it. also, you should try some other schools, because although the ivys are very good, there are other schools just as good. try duke, or stanford, or some of very good public schools like university of cali-berkely, or umish-ann arbor.</p>

<p>A. YOu beat my SAT score..shaddap then!
B. Apply ED, you have a spectacular chance at Cornell, Dartmouth, Coumbia, UPenn..
C. If you apply RD, you have a VERY slim chance of getting in.</p>

<p>I did not apply ED to those schools....b/c i didn't know where I really wanted to go.....
so RD....i have a very little chance???? i will also apply to Duke and good public schools....</p>

<p>it depends... 1390 is good, but I need to know a bit more about your background. How are your extra-curriculars? And where are you from? (if you're a minority your chances go up) Is there anything unique about you, anything that will make you stand out?</p>

<p>Are you kidding? You have a chance at all the lower Ivies (Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth and Penn). You also have a realstic shot at other top 10-15 universities like Chicago, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Michigan and Northwestern.</p>

<p>I have a couple of questions for you. </p>

<p>1) What do you want to major in?
2) What country do you come from?
3) What are your grades and class rank like?</p>

<p>i came from Korea 5 yrs ago to U.S. ....couldn't speak any english.....i'm international because i am legally staying in U.S. with R-2 visa....not a citizen or green card holder.
i might want to major in chemistry or biology or economics........not decided yet
my GPA is 4.0/4.0 or 95.3 unweighted.....7 honors 7 APs throughout high school...
no rank but i'm in top 8%..........my ECs are pretty good....major thing is the cello....
I go to Juilliard precollege if anyone knows it....i think my essays are really good and deep.....so i have a chance?</p>

<p>Obviously, H,P,S,Y and M are pretty much out of reach. You can apply to one of them if you really want to, but do not apply to more.</p>

<p>Any other university is a match/reach or a match, so they are realistic.</p>

<p>ok thanks~~~ Alexandre~~ I'm not applying to HYPM....but maybe i will apply to Stanford......you make me feel more hopeful.....thx</p>

<p>bumping again~~</p>

<p>Make sure you apply to a good backup. For you, Wisconsin-Madison is an excellent safety...if you apply soon. The Michigan, Cornell, University of Chicago and Johns Hopkins are realistic matches. Columbia, Penn and Duke are reaches. Stanford and MIT are super reaches, but worth considering.</p>

<p>Sorry to tell you the truth, but it would be kinda hard... Know that those top colleges are full of international applicants who get 1500+ & also excel in many other areas. They are not going to give you leeway for being an international student when they have so many others to choose from ( Actually, it will count against you if you apply for financial aid)</p>