14 Mistakes That Can Keep You Out of Law School

"Skip these application errors.

Law school applications have several components, and making a serious mistake on one of them could lead to a rejection letter. Meticulousness is a valued attribute in the legal profession, so signs of carelessness can tarnish an otherwise strong law school application. Find out what some J.D. hopefuls do that hurts their chances of acceptance and how to avoid some common mistakes." …


If you need to be instructed to do or not to do these things, then maybe the best advice is that law school may not be a wise investment for one so lacking in commonsense.

The author states that “…law schools typically have a holistic admissions process” and a strong GPA & high LSAT score will not guarantee admission. Maybe so, but try applying with a low GPA & a low LSAT score.

It is difficult to take this article as offering any serious insight to the law school application process other than the advice to study hard for the LSAT.

My thoughts are that one with an above 75th% LSAT score and an above median GPA can write their law school application in most any non-threatening & non-degenerate manner whatsoever and still be admitted.

Law schools “buy” high LSAT scores and sometimes “buy” high GPAS. Usually an above median LSAT score accompanied by an above median GPA will assure an offer of admission.