1400: All hope is lost?

<p>Looking at schools like NYU, Boston College, Carnagie Mellon. Is there no hope</p>

<p>definitely not especially if you have amazing ecs and a good essay; with that score, i would say you have more than a decent chance at any of those</p>

<p>there is hope. you don't even need amazing ecs. a good rec is just as important, though bobobabob is right about the essays. Then again that's just about everywhere. Find the middle 5o% range for your schools, I'm sure you'd fall right in with a 1470.</p>

<p>lol, too bad im 70 points lower than 1470.</p>

<p>I dont really know a lot about NYU and Carnegie Mellon, but BC accepts people with a lot lower, so don't worry about it.</p>

<p>Do you have time to retake? I mean, a 1400 is competitive but I don't know the averages for those schools. If you're not within their range (you can look their stats up on review.com), then retake.</p>

<p>btw it's Carnegie, not Carnagie. Make sure you spell the schools' names right in your application!!</p>

<p>A 1400 is an awesome score. I know plenty of people that would kill for that score... figuratively speaking, of course...</p>