1400 SAT - Should I take ACT?

<p>1400 SAT I
780 Math II C
760 Writing
750+ Spanish (took in Oct)</p>

<p>I'm applying to the Ivies.... if my best combined math and verbal of SAT is 1400 after 2 tries and i'm taking it for the 3rd time in Nov or Dec, should I take the ACT and see if i can score higher? Also, what scores on the 36-point scale of the ACT correspond to scores 1400 and above on SAT? Thanks. Also, I dunno if this helps.. but I am generally a better math person than verbal person... Analogies are my weakness in verbal - i'm really good at critical reading, and pretty good at sentence completions....</p>

<p>I'm sort of like you. I got a 1430 on my first SAT and am taking it again in November. On my ACT I got a 32 (would've scored higher if I had finished the darn science section. Easy questions, just not enough time). Anyway, I looked in some book and it said that a 32 was about a 1410 I think. I find the ACT much easier than the SAT and many colleges look at whichever one you do better in. I've talked to an adcom from Yale who said he's seen many scores an equivalent to 200 points higher scored on the ACT than on the SAT. They convert your score on either test into some different score, so it doesn't matter which one you do better in. I strongly recommend taking the ACT.</p>

<p>I wanna punch u... lol 1400 is a GOOD score if u can only raise it a little more it would be better but then you're good now unless u have like a HORRIBLE GPA... Ivy's arent only looking at SAT scores as much as GPA...</p>

<p>M1st3rmarbl3s - I know what you mean, but it seems to me like 1400 is the minimum SAT score to be considered 'Ivy League material'</p>

<p>31 = 1380
32 = 1420
33 = 1470
34 = 1520
35 = 1580
36 = 1600</p>

<p>The truth is that it all depends on the individual - take the ACT, but don't request to send it anywhere unless you do well. I know enough people who scored higher on the ACT than the SAT, myself included. I went 1440 (770V 670M) with a 35 (35 32 36 35) and I know people who went 33 - 1440, 33 - 1350, 35 - 1440, 33 - 1430 go for it</p>

<p>Well, what did you do to study for the SAT between takes? If you didn't do much, I would get 10 Real SATs and practice to see if your score goes up. Otherwise taking the ACT couldn't hurt. Get Cracking the ACT - excellent prep.</p>