1470 good enough???plz help

<p>Is a 1470(720 math 750 verbal) good enough for Stanford EA?
Im an AfrAm female with a 94 avg, and a good amount of recs.(track team,NHS,Beta,school paper, etc) Do you think a 1470 is good enough to get in EA?
And also, how important are Sat 2's for stanford?</p>

<p>I think you have a much better chance than me, i only have 1400, but still applying :). Average is 83% lol it's low i know. but it count as a GPA of 4 and ranked 4 or 5 out of 300+ students. Our school is pathetic lol.</p>

<p>1470 is definitely in the range for Stanford. Good luck! :)</p>

<p>my friend got in with a 1380 (well, he had 800 math iic and 800 chemistry)... but my cousin also got in with like a 1340. i'm sure a 1470 will more than suffice.</p>

<p>yes, it's good enough but don't expect your sat i score to get you in..also make sure you take sat ii's and do well(700+)</p>

<p>1470 + URM is not bad at all</p>

<p>i can bet 100 bucks that nana767 will be accepted, unless she manages to write the worst admission essay ever!!</p>

<p>oh then wat bout 1510(720m 790v) for an intl student needing financial aid?</p>

<p>"intl student needing financial aid" is a whole different category, since admissions are not need blind in that case.</p>

<p>ohhh sorry i didn't notice that you were African American. Lol I think you have an excellent chance to get in</p>

<p>thanks you guys, for the replies/comments. and goodluck to every1</p>