150+ Students under 1 roof

<p>That's a good initial description of Cloyne Court, the co-op I will be living
in starting this fall. I was wondering if anyone who knows more about this house
can share some insight in the living conditions and atmosphere at Cloyne.</p>

<p>dope ass party that i (as a freshie) went to got shut down by the popo. dunno about living conditions but i heard from a guy a few years ago that people do some crazy stuff there. of course this info is like 3-4 years old so it's probably changed.</p>

<p>No, people still do crazy stuff at Cloyne. By crazy stuff, I mean lots of hard drugs. But I also know there are engineering majors and math grad students who live there and are fine.</p>

<p>haha that's what i meant by crazy stuff too, i just didn't want to scare the OP.</p>