1500 SAT I, Bad SAT 2 (600-700)

<p>Please need your responses, lol. If you view this, leave some sort of response.</p>

<p>Wow- I just did really bad on my sat 2's.
The only three I've taken (al from october)
700 Literature
690 Us History
620! Writing</p>

<p>The thing is though I get Straight A's in my classes (including AP English, which I got a 5 on last year) and have a SAT I with highst m-710 and highest v-800. Also, I write on the school newspaper and for a real newspaper, so the writing score is incongruous. I'm applying ED and am not igned up for november, so I can't retake for that. What do you guys think? On Collegeboard.com, I searched Columbia and it listed SAT I as an indicator of admissions and placement, and SAT 2 only as placement.</p>

<p>Man, quit whining about your SAT II scores. This is like the 3rd score I've seen about them. You'll be fine, your other stuff is pretty strong.</p>

<p>Yeah- i posted it a lot of places bc I didn't get any responses and I wanted maximum exposure- its not really whining, its more of like- will this affect me or not bc i dont know.</p>