1500 SAT score for hispanic

Should a 1500 SAT score make a hispanic feel comfortable with their applications to ivies? Paired with ECs, grades, etc? I was told that a 1400+ is impressive/rare for a hispanic, but I want to know if this is true

Disregarding the stigma of that sort of compliment, if your grades, ECs, and SAT scores are competitive for that Ivy you should be fine.

Please dont think like that.That wont get you far. Make sure you are in the Ivy League benchmark. Ivy’s are reaches for anyone who applies.

Most students with impressive SAT’s ae denied. What else can you offer the Ivies?

A 1500 is impressive, period.

But the Ivies reject most applicants with a 1500 anyways.

Is OP speculating or has a 1500?
Assuming an even split, that’s 750 each. No chump change.

But you’d have to leatn what more it takes.

1500s dont guarantee anything,like everyone has said. You could have a perfect SAT ,perfect average, and perfect AP scores(all 5s) but get rejected.

On the other hand, you could have a 1490 SAT, 2 threes out of 10(5s for the rest), 3.85 UW, yet you have fantastic recs, ECs and Community Service and get accepted to an ivy.

I don’t think anyone feels “comfortable” applying to Ivies. Lots of vals and sals & perfect scorers get rejected every year, though. Maybe that can frame the context of your score for you.

My hispanic son scored 32 on the ACT and has had lots of contact from ivy schools. Harvard has a minority recruitment program not associated with admissions that works to get more minority applicants. You are not a sure thing but you are a competitive candidate based on what i have read here and messaging with accepted students to the ivy league. Work hard on your essay and all the rest. Good luck! I have also head 1400 is the minimum you need for ivy league from my cousin’s kid. She is Hispanic and goes to Columbia.

With the new SAT, it remains to be seen whether 1400 can be called some benchmark. And the trick isn’t what one reads here or some students think got them an admit. It’s in digging into what the colleges actually say or hint matters to them. That’s quantitatives as well as the qualitatives. You have to dig for that, from them.

Kids, eg, can say they’re sure it was this or that, but they don’t know.

Right. I think a place like college confidential or talking to accepted students can give students the confidence they need to apply. I know my son would be applying to different schools if we had not looked into this extensively.

This is all not true. I know a Hispanic kid with perfect stats (2400, probably 4.0 uw, rigorous, good ECs) that got deferred from his Ivy EA.

I am a hispanic myself with a 1500+, and I am not going in with the mentality that you are. Be humble; don’t expect anything.

But yes, generally 1400+ is good for a hispanic student (anyone that reaches NHRP, i think you need around a 1350, is probably on the right track to a top school). I wouldn’t say 1500 and Hispanic automatically equates to Ivy material, though

^ It’s much more than stats and OP hasn’t revealed more than that and a few clubs. It takes some smart work to understand what makes a good app an supp.