1500 Sat

<p>Is a 1500 SAT I good enough for MIT? Im wondering whether I should take it again (it would be my THIRD time), or if that would look bad? Thanks</p>

<p>imo, you'll be ok. Unless you pull a 1600, it won't help that much. Concentrating on other parts of your app will serve you better.</p>

<p>1490 is MIT's average.</p>

<p>It doesn't hurt to retake, especially if your math is not 800.</p>

<p>my split 720 V, 780 M. btw, i got an 800 on my Math IIC, so would this compensate for my 780 math? Also, I dont want to seem test obsessed by taking the SAT a third time.</p>

<p>You're fine, MIT admission officers want to see why you're different, what makes you an "MIT" student.</p>

<p>Work on finetuning other parts of the app.</p>