1510 = Columbia ED Acceptance?

<p>Haha, there's more to it, of course. I just found out that I got a 1510 on the Oct. SAT--should I retake this Saturday (I've done absolutely prep between October and now)? Columbia's 25-75 range is 1310-1510...do you think, say, 50 points would matter? Thanks</p>

<p>It won't matter at all.... u are 75th percentile and are perfectly fine.. no need to re-take in my opinion... maybe u should ask some1 who is more familiar w/ Columbia, but I would say.... just write good essays and get good recs and RELAX... and you should be fine</p>

<p>"relax"--I'm trying! I just want to place myself in the best position possible...I thought, and still think, that a few more points would help more than they would hurt (by revealing my obsessive-compulsiveness).</p>