~~1650 Sat 184 Psat What Happened?~~

<p>Hey guys.</p>

<p>On my PSAT i got 184. On practice tests i got all in 1800 range. BUT when i took the real SAT in april. I got

<p>I dont know why reading was soo low. I easily got 500-600 range everytime i did a practice test. what do you guys think?</p>

<p>wow.. that is pretty scary... I got 177 on my PSAT and I kept having 1800-2000 in the practice tests...
Please don't scare me, because I'm already frustrated.</p>

<p>Um... maybe you were not in a good condition on that day.</p>

<p>loll yea. i hope it was just a bad day...</p>

<p>probably just a bad day... I scored basically the same on the SAT as the PSAT except for writing</p>

<p>yeah i hope so..</p>

<p>I scored somewhat worse - on average - on the SAT than the PSAT, but then again I took the SAT before the PSAT.</p>