1770 on the sat

<p>I got 1770 on the december sat. Is that good or bad? Math-670 CR-550 WR-550</p>

<p>Good for some schools, bad for others. That score should help shape your potential school list.</p>

<p>Is it good enough for universities in the top 20 in usa but not in the ivy league?</p>

<p>Do the research. You can use google/college guide books/school websites to get average SAT for virtually any school you are interested in.</p>

<p>If by top 20 you mean the top 20 as listed by US News and World Report then no, your scores are quite far from the typical median, or from the bottom decile. Universities in the 20-30 list include Georgetown, Carnegie Mellon, Wake Forest, and several of the very best public universities (e.g. Univ. of Virginia, UC Berkeley, University of Michigan). The median SAT score of accepted students to these universities is 2100 or so, not much below the scores of the very top rated universities.</p>

<p>See: <a href=“http://www.powerscore.com/sat/help/average_test_scores.cfm”>http://www.powerscore.com/sat/help/average_test_scores.cfm&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;

<p>My problem is the CR, do you have any tips? I’m not a native English speaker so I suffered a bit in the English sections.</p>

<p>Do universities care about the percentile of your scores or just the raw numbers?</p>

<p>Go to the SAT Test Prep forum here and look at Silver Turtle and Xiggi’s guides.</p>

<p>They want to see raw numbers. Percentile of score doesn’t matter. </p>

<p>Are you a non-native English speaking US citizen or an international student?</p>

<p>1770 puts you at roughly the 78th percentile of test takers, but the percentile doesn’t really mean much. (Some who take the SAT don’t even apply to college.) Your score puts you into the middle 50% of admits at, say, Drexel University, which is a very good school in Pennsylvania. I would think that a school like Drexel would be a “match” for you.</p>

<p>To increase your chances of getting into a top 20 school, you would need to bring your score up. At Kenyon College, for example, which is ranked 30th by US News for national LACs, the mid-50% range is 1850 to 2140. You are outside of that, though your Math is above their 25% metric of 610.</p>

<p>Your application, obviously, is more than your SAT scores. But every increment you can raise your score ends up giving you more options. Many schools superscore, so it is very worthwhile to take the test again. Good luck!</p>