18 Year-Old California Transfer Student - UCs, CSUs, and Private Universities

Hi everyone,

I really appreciate you all having a chance to click on the thread. I am an 18-year-old sophomore at Santa Monica College, and I am applying to 9 universities for the fall of 2020, all in-state.

I am currently majoring in Political Science, but also considering a double major in Business.

Here are my stats:

UC GPA = 4.0
CSU GPA = 4.0
Overall GPA = 4.0

  When I was in high school, I took the SAT only one time realizing that I would just go to a CC and transfer after 2 years and got a 1370. Also, the only really significant extra-curricular I took part in during HS was being on the JV swim team.  

  I took 3 APs in HS. I got a 3 on AP European History, a 3 on United States History, and a 4 on AP Psychology. (Which aren't great, I know). 

I will have completed just over 80 total semester units by the end of spring, aside from the AP scores. By the end of this fall term, I will have just under 60. I decided to keep taking classes full time for the rest of this year as well to show dedication, and I am taking a bunch of courses that I am genuinely interested in.

As for extra-curricular, I couldn’t do too many because I work full time in addition to school full time.

  For the past three years, I have been working as an accounting manager for an engineering and construction company. Aside from accounting, I wear a lot of different hats for the company as I handle a lot of lead generation opportunities, marketing, and customer relationships, HR work, and communication with tenants on the respective job sites. This company has done a lot for me and helped me grow as an individual, and as a result, the company has grown tremendously.

  Besides that, I have been doing some community service for advocacy groups for veterans. I attend a lot of events with my city for commission meetings and city councils, and I have been pretty involved on campus at my CC. Aside from that, I had a couple of internships doing administrative works for lawyers, doctors, or tutoring kids. 

 Also, as a side note, I am currently studying to get my licenses as a salesperson in real estate and insurance. 

Here are the schools I am applying to:

UCLA - Major: Political Science. Looking to minor in accounting/entrepreneurship.
USC - Major: Real Estate Finance or Accounting. Looking to minor in Management
Consulting/ Business Economics.
UCB - Major: Political Science (I doubt I can get into Haas).
UCSD - Major: Political Science. Looking to minor in accounting/real estate development.
UCSB - Major: Political Science.
Pepperdine - Major: Accounting/ BS of Management. Minor in Economics or Marketing.
Loyola Marymount LA - Major: Accounting / Minor: Business Administration.
CSUN - Major: Professional Accountancy or Business Administration: Real Estate. Minor
Business Law or Construction Management.
Cal Poly SLO: Major: Business Administration/Economics.

As far as requirements go for all of these programs, I have fulfilled or will fulfill everything, and I have gotten A’s in every single course I have taken.

As you can tell, I am very split on my decision to go into Business or Political Science, both are really significant parts of my life. Although political science has been a very passionate interest of mine, working in a business environment every day has really opened up my eyes to what I am capable of doing. For most of the schools that I am applying to for political science, I am very invested in minoring in things that I am passionate about. I do not know what exactly I am going to do for the rest of my life, by I am trying to try as many things as I can in order to figure it out.

I tried to cater to the best programs in the respective schools that I am applying to. I felt that these were some of the best schools in the state for what I was looking for, but I am open to any other suggestions. Also, is there any chance that these schools will provide merit scholarships based on my stats?

I really appreciate any advice or opinions any of you have to offer. Have a great rest of your day!