1950 sat at reed

<p>I got 1950 on my June sat. I didn't tke it in oct cuz I was
Busy. Is this good enough to get me into reed? I'm a soph so I have time to retake but I can't really afford to take it a bunch of times. Rees college is my dream school!</p>

<p>You probably don't want to have an atrocious SAT to get into Reed, but it's not what will get you in. Reed college admissions values very highly:</p>

<p>Interviews: get one. The person you talk to will be able to tell you a lot about the school, and why they went there, and be able to answer any questions you might have (while also being able to recommend you to the admissions council or sometimes even being the representative him/herself)</p>

<p>Common app essay: Think about the admissions staff reading through thousands of applications, with the longest aspect being the essay. Would you rather read about another soccer tournament, or another service trip? (note: if you think you can prove me wrong and you have a soccer tournament or service trip story that you think could win them over, don't hesitate to use it, they will appreciate your originally within the boundaries of such jaded topics :)) Also, spelling and grammar: if you have mistakes in this essay, it will leak through to ALL of your potential colleges, and make it seem like you don't care.</p>

<p>Why Reed?-This is where you show them how much you <em>really</em> care. Spend time on it, make it unique (you shouldn't be able to paste another college's name in and have it make sense) and you can greatly increase your chances</p>

<p>I cant interview until I'm a junior. But i will then. Im really good at writing essays i always get a's on them in school. But do u mean my sat score is atrocious? I know it's at the bottom of the averages but if all my other stats are good does it matter that much? and so then what would be an original essay topic? I dont play soccor haha.</p>


<p>What's your GPA, etc? You're only a sophomore so you still have time to take it again, and it's definitely not atrocious, but it is a bit low for Reed (it's in the 25th percentile of those accepted). What area did you score highest in?</p>

<p>my gpa and stuff is elsewhere, run a search for it cuz im too lazy to repost it haha. i scored almost the same in math/c.r.
590 wr, 690 math, 670 c.r.
idk if i should take it again everyone is saying different stuff!! but i guess i have a while to decide. none of my friends have even taken it yet haha.</p>

<p>When I was talking about atrocious SAT scores, I meant this: Really, really bad SAT scores might make it harder for you to get in, but good ones certainly won't cut it at a school like Reed (they will at others, especially if you have a local state school with guaranteed admission).</p>

<p>Also, focus more on having a good interview than an early one. A lot of people I know saved the interviews with their favorite schools for last so that they would have the most experience with eye contact, with speaking clearly and fluidly, etc.</p>

<p>Also, keep in mind that getting A's on english papers and writing a good common app essay don't always correlate. Not saying they can't, and not saying they won't with you, but it's not a given by any means. Look up the topics that you shouldn't write your college essay on, there are six or maybe seven of them, and stay away unless you really think you can impress them. </p>

<p>Also, I should correct myself. In a college essay, being sincere matters more than being original. So choosing to write about something you love, even if it is a soccer game, is more important than choosing an unusual topic. But, that being said, if you have had an experience that you think you have grown from, if there is someone who's really influenced your beliefs (stay away from parents and Gandhi on that one) or if you can explain why a concept means the world to you and you specifically, then that sort of thing would make an excellent college essay. </p>

<p>Finally, the Reed supplement (Why Reed?) is really, really important. Don't underestimate the impact it can have on your admissions chances, the supplement is definitely more important than test scores at least where Reed is concerned.</p>

<p>forgot to add: your scores aren't atrocious</p>