1950 Sat?

<p>My S, an OOS junior, has his heart set on attending UMich. So far he has a 3.8 U-M GPA, many APs in math/science and excellent ECs. He just received his disappointing March SAT scores - 740M, 590CR, 620W. Tried an ACT practice test but scored even lower in reading. How much does he need to improve his CR score to have a good chance of being accepted to LSA?</p>

<p>Last year my d got into LSA with a 1980 SAT I, 3 SAT II's (Bio, Chem & History) all around the mid 600's and a 3.7 GPA uw. She had great essays, great ec's, a great attitude, and she applied very early!</p>

<p>will he be applying to engineering or LSA?</p>

<p>Ur son could always retake the sat, im sure hell do alot better next time</p>

<p>Just get the SAT score somewhere around the 2100 range and apply early. I think your son has a good shot.</p>

<p>Thanks, everyone. </p>

How early did your d apply?</p>

<p>S is applying to LSA, not engineering. He does plan to retake the SAT, but was thinking of waiting until October in order to get the 2100+. However, that would mean he could not apply very early. But if he retakes in May or June, he might not do as well, especially with finals, AP exams and SAT IIs.</p>

<li>Is it preferable to apply in September with a mediocre score or wait until October, with the hopes of having a better one then?<br></li>
<li>Can he apply in September with bad score, then "swap" new score in October?</li>

<p>The second option, taking it in september , and then in october if he needs to, sounds better. Good Luck to ur son :)</p>

<p>"Is it preferable to apply in September with a mediocre score or wait until October, with the hopes of having a better one then?"</p>

<p>the early notification deadline is october 30, so there wouldn't be a difference between september and october.</p>

<p>Many people have said that it is better to apply the earlier the better. Is that no longer true?</p>

<p>well anytime before october 30, the early response deadline, is pretty damn early. just dont wait until dec, jan, feb.</p>

<p>My OOS son got in this year, EA with a 2000 SAT, counting the Essay Section in which he did very well, compared to his other scores. And I don't think Michigan counts that part of the test, so his numbers were really comparable to your son's. </p>

<p>He had a similar GPA including I think 5 APs, good ECs , two Varsity sports and ACT was 29.</p>

<p>What he did was apply by the EA deadline, and wrote two very solid thoughtful essays.</p>

<p>Plus your son has a chance to improve his SAT!</p>

<p>I got a 590 on CR the first time I took it too... I ended up with a 630 second try (June, right before finals I was exhausted), and I was in a similar situation with an obvious strength in math/science. I got in OOS, so I think he stands a good chance. Apply early though, you can always rush October SAT scores.</p>

<p>faultylogic - my D applied LSA undecided and had her application submitted sometime mid September. She had her acceptance before Thanksgiving and enjoyed the rest of her senior year. It was considered a "reach" school solely because of her SAT's but her counselor lowered it to a 50/50 for submitting so early.</p>

<p>Thanks so much, everyone. You have relieved much anxiety in this household.</p>