1A vs 1B

<p>ok so i signed up for calc 1B, but i am being told that 1B is muchh harder than 1A... now, im trying to go to HAAS....i got a 5 on my calc AB...and i took CAlc BC ....but i havent got the scores for that... i think HAAS is looking for only one semester for math....doesnt 1B look better if i take it?? ... and tell me if im wrong about the one semester of math....thanks in advance....and sorry if this topic has been talked about all ready...in which i think it has....</p>

<p>they care more about your grade than the class you took...if u went to calso, you should remember the counselors telling you to get out of the high school mentality of taking the harder class. Take the class that satisfies your requirement. An A in 1A would look 10 times better than a C in 1B...or even a B for that matter.</p>

<p>thanks for the comment, and no i didn't go to calso....or planning to do so ....im an extension student...</p>

<p>I would even recommend switching to 16a. That's suppoed to be easier than 1a, and it's good enough for Haas.</p>

<p>i dont want to take easier classes so haas thinks that i took the easy way out....so i dunno what to do ....im kinda lost about which math class i should take</p>

<p>its actually not better to transfer into 16A...i hear the curve is a killer since everyone in that class gets close to perfects (thanks to all those AP Calc BC kids who got 5s but opted for the easy road, lol)</p>

<p>Sean, like i said before, u gotta get out of the high school mentality. Haas isn't going to look at what classes you COULD have taken as opposed to what classes you DID take, and evaluate you from there. You were accepted into college already, so you're past that point. Take the class that you think you will do well in, and that will meet your requirement. Plain and simple, thats it. If you believe that 16A will be easier to get an A, therefore you'll have more time to spend on studying for your other classes and getting As- then by all means take 16A. The same goes for 1A, apply the same method.</p>

<p>Ultimately, they care about your GRADES and GPA...not the difficulty of the classes you took. The Haas admissions is very mathematically oriented. You get a certain number of points for each part of the application, you get ranked, and the top 50% get accepted- that simple. </p>

<p>Hope my advice helped :)</p>

<p>all right.....i think im gonna take 16A.....thanks</p>