1st ACT

<p>I took my first ACT in April. I recently got my score back and I received a 23 composite score. I had not reviewed for the ACT, and I have a learning disability in math, I only got a 16 on the math :(</p>

<p>Would it be possible for me to get my score up 2-5 points for when I take it twice more in September and October? I do have a tutor, but he is not really coming since I have finished my testing. I am thinking of purchasing an ACT practice book, and studying over the summer. Do you have any recommendations as to which book I should purchase? I doubt I will see an increase in my Math score.</p>

<p>The Real ACT Prep Book is a gr8 book to practice math problems on.</p>

<p>If ur in school, a good math class that would help u would definitly be aome sort of algebra class mixed with funtions statistics and trigonometry. algebra and geometry r the 2 major sections in the math act</p>

<p>just remember the rules in math, and remember not to get overwhelmed with numbers. if the numbers confuse u, you wont do as good. you can easily improve ur math by going after each problem and knowing what math rules apply to solve it. if it matches closely to a answer, then u no u done it right.</p>

<p>sure, ill admit math isnt always easy, but u will suceed faster if u can get the easier math problems done, dont worry about the harder problems and you can probably bump up ur math score to a decent amount and if u want to try harder the 2nd time, attempt the harder problems next time and u will be in good shape.</p>

<p>I agree. Don't spend much time on problems that seem hard to you. Go through and do the ones you know you can get. Get those ones done first, then move on to the harder problems. With plenty of practice and a good tutor, I think you could definitely raise that math score.</p>