1st MP grades (since when?)

<p>Dear Joseph,</p>

<p>Thank you for your Early Decision application to Washington University
in St.
Louis. Please remember that we need a copy of your grades for your
first marking
period so we are able to review your application. If you have not
already sent
these grades, please ask your guidance counselor to fax them to us at

<p>I GOT MY FIRST C (C+) ever on my report card. IS this a 0% rejection now??????</p>

<p>PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>When did you get this? All I got was a "Thank you! Your application is complete!" postcard.</p>

<p>Mid-year reports are due after January.</p>

<p>*Edit: I just got the e-mail too. I wonder what it means.</p>

<p>me too, i think its just to see how you're doing your senior year and not having a fit of senioritis or anything since 1st semester grades aren't normally out until january ish</p>

<p>Isn't that what the midyear report is for?</p>

<p>yes but if you applied ED I which it noted in the email then your midyear reports will come out after they announce whether or not you've been accepted. like my school does quarters but schools only officially see semesters so they want first quarter grades to make sure i didn't slack off but will need my midyear report even though i will have already heard whether or not I'm in.</p>

<p>Are my chancers really hurt very badly? I have a C+ a B and the rest are A's. I am honestly not slacking but how much will this hurt my chances?</p>

<p>IM SCARED i will be rejected b/c of the 1 and only C</p>

<p>Please Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>i also applied early and received this email (which i was surprised by). will three B+ grades (88, 88, and 89) lead to rejection? i have a 90 average and i am taking all ap classes (5 of them).</p>

<p>As a recent alum of WashU (and a former member of the Student Admissions Cmte.), I must tell you all to stop freaking out!</p>

<p>WashU will not review your application until the grades from the first semester, quarter, etc., are received by the school. If you got a "C", well, that's not good, but it does not mean that your chances are shot. One "C" is not going to keep you out so long as your academic record is solid.</p>

<p>So, you have no choice but to show those grades. Whatever happened happened. Just move on and hope for the best...</p>


<p>Edit: One more thing... You'll have to show them your final transcript anyway... So don't slack off too much...</p>

<p>alright hopefully they wont kill me for it. thx for your help</p>

<p>3 weeks till decisions (ED I)!!!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!!</p>

<p>I am applying either ED II or RD because I am visiting some of my other choices before the ED II deadline, but it is one of my top choices right now. Will one C+ my junior year in AP Calculus BC kill me? My weighted GPA is still a 4.124. Does a 4 on the AP exam help me at all? Should I send my AP scores?</p>

<p>BS you have absolutely no chance, 88's and 89's wow apply to emory or something!</p>

<p>fyi jb...one of my teachers made a mistake and one 88 is now a 92</p>

<p>but thanks for your compassion, i cried after i read your post</p>

<p>Feh, I have a C+ in calculus (78!) as the only C on my first marking period. Oh well, life goes on.</p>

<p>yea me too i got a C+ in AP CALC AB (first C ever) o well</p>

<p>88 AP Calc AB, 89 IB Enviro the rest 90s i hope thats ok</p>

<p>you guys get percent on your quarter grades? My school is just A, B, C, D or E. Because giving an F would lower a students self-esteem. 89.5% is just as good as getting a 100%.</p>

<p>my average isn't 89.5 my grades were
IB FRENCH- 95</p>

<p>i heard your original IB History grade was only an 89!</p>