1st semester grades

<p>So what were your first semester grades?
PE- A 93ish
English Hon- A+ 100%
Spanish I- A+ 98.4
Student Gov-A? No idea yet Could be anywhere from 91.6 to 97.4
Biology- A+ 105.6%
Geometry- A or A+ ( 96.99 percent I'm hoping the computer will round to 97)</p>

<p>Calculus II: A
Linear Algebra: A-
College Bio: A
AP Lit: A
Computer Programming: A
US Govt: A</p>

<p>I'm most proud of my A- in Linear Algebra. That was a tough class! For a while I was worried that I might get a C, but then I really stepped up my game.</p>

IB math studies: A
AP biology: C
Pre- IB Spanish 3: B
IB World Geography: A
AP Psychology: A
AP English Lit: A
3.5 uw semester grade is a new thing for me (big deal in my household ATM) so I was very pleased :). Now to turn that 88 in Spanish to at least a 90 and that 78 in bio to at least an 80. Baby steps.</p>

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<p>AP Chem: A
AP Psych: A
Applied Calc: A
AP Lit: A-
AP Gov: A
Community Involvement: A
Design Exploration: A</p>

<p>Stoked about my A in AP Lit, since he only gives out about 3 per semester, and they're always borderline A's as well.</p>

<p>Bio A
Chem A
Trig/Precalc A
Eng A
History A
Directed Studies A</p>

<p>4.0 UW, 4.25 W</p>

<p>are your guys' A's 90-100 or 95-100? just wondering, because mine is the latter :<</p>

<p>we haven't gotten report cards yet, but i'm pretty sure i've got all A's, except for english, which is like a 92</p>

<p>classes were
ap calc ab
anatomy and physiology
lang and comp ap
health 2
physics 1 h
german 3 h

<p>@dogbreath calc 2 AND linear algebra? you're a brave soul.</p>

<p>A's are 90-100</p>

<p>French III: A
AP Government: A
AP Statistics: A
Concert Band: A
AP European History: A
Gym: A</p>


<p>PE 9: A, 94%</p>

<p>Engineering and Design: A+, 200+% (Over 50 extra credit projects; I designed a working clock in solidworks, etc.)</p>

<p>Spanish 2: A+, 98%</p>

<p>Algebra 2/Trigonometry Honors: A-, 92%</p>

<p>English 1: A-, 91%</p>

<p>Biology: A+, 106%</p>

<p>World History/Geography: A+, 97%</p>

<p>First semester is an average of three marking periods, the first two being 30% each and the third being 40%:</p>

<p>Pre-Calculus (apparently this is counted as honors, yay for weights!) 97</p>

<p>Journalism (honors, yay!) 96 I think, a point below the next letter thing. Like A - A+. I asked her to add extra credit because I do layout xD She usually does, too.</p>

<p>Gym - 100</p>

<p>Chemistry (honors?!) 98</p>

<p>Japanese - 100</p>

<p>APUSH - 91. I got a 92, then 89, then 92 I think. After the 89 I wanted to kill myself, but thank the lord I did good on the final!</p>

<p>Honors English II - 93 (A)
Art III - 94 (A)
French II - 98 (A)
Honors Algebra II - 93 (A)
Honors Chemistry - 90 (A)
AP World History - 92 (A)
Study Hall - 100 (this is kind of a given)</p>

<p>90s - 100s count as As for my school</p>

<p>Freshman Grades</p>

<p>AP Biology - A
AP Human Geography - A
Algebra II Hon - A
English Hon 1 - A
Spanish 1 - A
Intro to Engineering Design - A </p>

<p>Weighted GPA: 5.0</p>

<p>This quarter's grades:</p>

<p>English 11 HH - 97.4 (A)
Physics H - 90.84 (A--too close)
Health - 91.2 (A--would have been a li'l higher, but she drops grades significantly if you're missing one item in your folder. It's health, anyway, so it doesn't matter much.)
AP US History II - 88.85 (B)
AP French Language - 95.55 (A)
Trigonometry/Calculus HH - 86.81 (B)</p>

<p>This semester x3</p>

<p>AP US Government A
Spanish 4 A-
AP Calculus AB B (:p)
AP Literature A-
Photography A</p>

<p>I'm happy :) Yeah for finally being a second semester senior 8D</p>

<p>Calculus 1 - A (98)
Honors Physics - A (95)
AP Computer Science - B+ (89)
AP Biology - B+ (88)
AP US Government - A (96)
Language Arts 3 - A (95)</p>

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<p>Wow. Mine are terrible compared to you guys...</p>

<p>Child Psychology Honors - A
Spanish 5 Honors - A-
AP Statistics - B
US History Advanced - B+
Physics - B
AP Literature and Composition - B
Gym - A</p>

<p>AP Eng - A
Honors Physics- A
AP French- A
AP Calc BC- A
Honors Engineering- A
AP Comp Sci- A</p>

<p>Glad I could get these, especially during junior year :D</p>

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<p>Almost everyone got all A's O.O</p>

<p>Honors Biology - 96%
Honors Geometry - 95%
Honors World History - 93%
Pre-Vet Large Animal - 100%</p>

<p>Wow. Intimidating grades, haha.</p>

<p>English II: A
World History: A
Biology: A
Geometry: B
Spanish II: A
P.E.: A
LS: A</p>

<p>ap gov A
ap stats A
ap lit A
ap chem A
dual personal finance / econ A
ap span A</p>