1st Semester senior year grades drop

How much do first-semester senior grades matter for college admissions? I have a 4.64/4.33 WGPA (around 3.89-3.93 UW on a 4.0 scale), solid ECs (nothing amazing tho), and decent personal statements. Right now I’m taking 5 APs and 2 post-APs (unofficial courses, only at my school) but I’m probably getting two pretty low B’s for AP Physics and Post-AP Comp Sci for the semester. I’m kind of worried because I’m applying as a math major w/ pre-med track, and all the Bs that I got in high school were in natural/computer science. I’m applying to a pretty wide range of schools (t5 to t80) and if I get rejected from the top schools I’m trying to get at least one full ride to a lower-ranked school. Do you this will affect my chances?