2.0 gpa where can I transfer to

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<p>I have a friend that is completing his units at a community college and would like to transfer to a four year college. Had a rough first year and a half but is very anxious to transfer and continue his education. I really need help with schools that will accept students with a 2.0-2.2 gpa. Any help would be appreciated. He is open to any states and money is not an issue right now.</p>


<p>Is there anyway your friend can bring up his GPA before transferring?</p>

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<p>Try looking at public schools. some have agreements where if you finish a degree at cc they'll allow.you in with.very low.standards. Other than that idk</p>

<p>He needs to make an appointment with the transfer counselor at his CC. That person will be able to tell him what his options are. He may need to stay put long enough to complete a full associates degree and then transfer to a college or university that has an articulation agreement for his major.</p>