2.3 GPA and applying to FIT

I am currently a junior right now going to my senior. My grades were never the best I mainly had +D,C,B’s but I did struggle and try my hardest, I have learning disability so I always have help but I did struggle through out my high school year but it was like I didn’t try. I’ve always wanted to go to a good fashion school like FIT or FIDM but FIDM is too expensive and FIT is a good cost but I have at least have 3.0…I’m really creative, passionate and dreamed of their fashion merchandising major. I have a lot of experience with fashion. Do you think I have an amazing essay but a 2.3gpa could I get in? (I’m not sure if I will be able to pull my gpa up as far my senior year)

Having a 2.3 gpa isn’t unheard of for FIT but the major you would want, FBM, is the most competitive major FIT offers. I don’t know if you would apply for the EOP program but that might help your situation I would look into that. I would also suggest looking at less competitive majors and make sure you apply early! For FBM i would probably think a 3.0 is the standard.