2.7 GPA getting into CSUF or CSULB?

<p>I'm a sophomore pre-nursing major who is currently enrolled at a 4 year university and looking to switch majors depending upon what school will accept me(hopefully either chemistry or biology). I currently have a 2.7 cumulative gpa however, by the end of this semester it will be up to 3.0 and by the end of spring it should be back up to 3.3. I'm looking to get into CSUF, CSULB, and/or CSUSB(in that order). I do realize that CSUF and CSULB are impacted campuses and my chances are slim being that I am a non-local student. Can anyone give me any feedback as to how I can better my chances before October 1st rolls around?</p>

<p>Oh and I am an upper division transfer who will have completed 60 credits by the end of spring term.</p>