2.8 un weighted/ 3.3 weighted, what colleges do you…

<p>…what colleges do you recommend!!!</p>

<p>I am a New York state resident,
I have a 2.8 un weighted/ 3.3 weighted gpa
- not that well on the SATs I got a 1500
Plenty extra curr.</p>

<p>I need a school, in or out of state ( as in the new England area)
That you know that I could possibly get in</p>

<li> I am quite yet I like to party when necessary</li>
<li> I like a nice surrounding area, yet I want it to be diverse </li>
<li> I like a campus that there are things to do, and the people are nice….</li>

<p>Please could you recommend at least 5 colleges for me your help would be greatly appreciated!!!</p>

<p>think about applying to california state university there is so many such as long beach, fullerton, east bay, san bernardino, etc....., these schools are in cali</p>