2 on AP Human Geo Exam

Hi! I’m an incoming sophomore, and I just discovered I failed my first AP class’s exam: Human Geography. I have to admit, I was not very well prepared despite that I did spend nights studying (over studied might’ve been the case, so much that I blanked out). However, I was able to achieve all A’s in one AP and all honors classes my freshman year and got a UC GPA of 4.5. I’m a very involved student, but I feel more determined on really working hard and being more study effective for all my upcoming AP classes for the rest of highschool and achieve at least 4s and 5s. I’m just concerned about this one result. Will that AP human geography exam fail completely ruin my chances of getting into a good college, or any UCs such as UCLA?
(I don’t know how to work the discussion things, I believe this may be in the wrong category)

Only UCB states that they will consider AP exam scores in their application review. One bad AP score will not ruin your chances at any school. For the UC application, you only self-report your AP scores, so do not report your AP Human Geography score.

AP Human Geography as a freshman? A little soon, no?

Not really. It’s a common freshman AP exam. About 60% of those taking the exam are freshman

For many high schools, APHG is, for all intents and purposes, a gateway to AP; it’s an introduction which allows honors students to get a feel for what a “real” AP is like. (Yeah, I have a bias against APHG.) :slight_smile:

As a side issue, is it a red flag to AOs to take an AP class but not report the exam score?