2 or 3 sat subject tests?

<p>Every college I've looked at, except the ivies of course, require 2 subject tests or none at all. Then how come everyone I see on CC (the majority) has done 3 subject tests?</p>

<p>Because we're nerds.</p>

<p>who wake up at 3 am to post about SAT Subject Tests.</p>

<p>Actually, I've just been up all night. And it's 4 AM here.</p>

<p>Because if there's even one school that requires 3, people on CC will take 3, if not 5.</p>

<p>Good idea to take as many as you'll do well on.
These things require minimal preparation after a course, really.</p>

<p>cuz it's super fun, duh!</p>

<p>my goal is to take ALL 25 or whatever of them=)</p>

<p>(jk btw...lol)</p>

<p>Some also take three because they're given college credit for the exam. <em>nods</em></p>

<p>college credit for sat 2's? i've never heard of that</p>

<p>A few schools lets you pass out of entry level classes with a high score.</p>

<p>As for the OP's question, it's because Princeton and Harvard wants three, and we both know the kind of students here...</p>