2 Questions about MIT part 2 app.

<li>On one part of the app they ask you for your highest reading, math, and writing scores with dates. I know you need CB to send the scores as well but since I am taking the test in October… what if i get higher scores then? Because the deadline is 11/01 but the scores come 11/02. So if i get a higher score on October SAT how will i Put it in the app. Note : I am not talking about the thing CB sends to them that shows you all the scores. I am talking about the section that shows “highest scores with dates”. I know this one might sound a bit confusing… so i will clarify better if you need help. Could I just put something in the notes section at the end of the app?</li>
<li>for MIT can I add another science or math teacher (with the humanities, and guidance counselor too) so that I have 2 science and math, 1 humanities, and 1 counselor?</li>

<p>MIT will have your scores when they see your app, so if you get higher scores in later administrations, those are the scores they will use to evaluate your application. Just write down the highest scores you have now, and if you get higher scores in October, your reader will see that.</p>

<p>You may add a supplemental recommendation if you feel it will add something significant to your application.</p>

<p>^Thanks so much :d. But is it like overkill if I add another recommendation? I mean does it make you lose chances? I know this is kind of a hard question to answer.. since there are not really statistics to prove it.</p>

<p>No, it doesn't make you lose chances if you send a third rec. If, as Mollie says clearly, it will add something significant to your application, include it. If the writer isn't going to say something unique and new about you, it's not worth it.</p>

<p>Well these are the two teaches i want.
My calc teacher. Known her for 2 years and did math field day with her every year. She likes me a lot (I know this isn't exactly a great reason... but..) and she knows that I study very hard even if a test is simple. She is probably my favorite teacher as well.
My chem teacher. He is very lazy. I am scared if I did give him one he would right some wierd stuff up.. however I did get a 5 on the AP chem test and a 770 on the subject test. I along with 2 others was the first ever to get a 5 in my school and he is really proud of us. So I am debating on wether to ask him.. any insight? Thanks again.</p>

<p>P.S. This is totally off-topic but the mid 50% for sat scores in verbal was 690-770 on MIT. I have only a 650... in reading but a 800 in math and about a 710 (can't remember exactly) in writing. Will the 650 utterly kill my application and make me lose my chances at MIT? I have a perfect GPA and am tied with someone else for valedictorian. I also play 1 sport (used to do 2 but cave up CC) and participate in many clubs. I volunteered rougly 150 hours in tutoring kids and working in hospitals. Thanks again.. i know i am barraging you guys with questions. Thanks for dealing with me :D</p>

<p>Given the mid-50% range, that means 25% of the class had SAT scores below that range. Don't obsess about scores, your application is much more than that.</p>

<p>Oh and does mid 50% mean the 25-75 percent or the actual 50%? I kind of confused by your post moot.</p>

<p>The mid 50% generally indicates the 25-75th percentiles.</p>