2 Questions: Talons and AUSOM ?

Hi, we are OOS – far – in CT. My son received something in the mail today about dates for Talons? I’m sure my son has not applied for any sort of Honors college because he has declined that option at every school to which he applied. Can anyone tell me about what this is and what’s involved? Is it AU’s honors college? Benefits? Also, does anyone know when we should expect any information/decisions on scholarship info. resulting from the AUSOM application? Thanks.

@imstacey My daughter did as well (OOS–Ohio). It sounds like it’s an accepted student/merit award recipients kind of day. (I went to the page on the website they gave.) It’s a good opportunity to meet with different departments. The funny thing is I know my daughter should get a merit scholarship based on their website, but she hasn’t heard anything yet about her scholarship package. Since AUSOM was due 12/15, I assume it will be sent out shortly.

Their honors college application should have been sent to your son by email. There’s a link to the application. My daughter did meet with the honors college when we toured there in the spring and she liked it.

The dates for Talons don’t work for my daughter, but we plan to make trip after swim season is over for a “final look” sort of visit. Hope this helps.

AUSOM is out today on the portal.

Thank you @sunnyschool for posting that!

Oh, let me have my son check his portal!! I have to say that I’m not too pleased with Auburn right now. My son retook the SAT for the 2nd time and improved his score. His new score would qualify him for resident tuition. I talked to 3 people at AU yesterday and they wouldn’t even consider his new SAT score. That’s truly a shame since it likely means that my son will not be attending AU when other universities will take his new score and offer him better merit aid.

@imstacey Really? Because as of a couple years ago, they allowed new scores to be sent in for adjusted merit. My DS took ACT again in December also hoping to raise score for more merit.

@sunnyschool I know! I talked to 2 people in the Scholarship office and then our Admissions Rep for our state. NOPE! If AU did not have the score before Dec. 15th, they will not take it into any consideration – not for freshmen scholarships, anyway. There are small general and departmental scholarships you could apply for, still. So between this situation and the fact that freshmen aren’t guaranteed housing, I think this may have put the final nail in the proverbial coffin. It’s really a shame because we did like the school.

Does anyone know how to accept the scholarship…it says to hit the submit button bu there’s not one that I can find.

@auburndad If you’re on AUSOM, there is the page with the red tabs. There is one that says “Accept Award Offer” that I would imagine walks you through it. I’m sure you know, but always worth the reminder, that colleges view the “accepting the award offer” as your child’s intent to go there. I only mention that because I almost clicked on “accept” when I did that for my first child until I re-read it. :slight_smile:

If you’re already on that and having problems, you can probably call down there and they can walk you through it although they might be closed until January since I know many schools are. Happy Holidays!

Thanks. I called…they said it was a browser issue or something. I tried explorer, Firefox, and safari. There is no Submit Decision under the Accept offer button. We have til May 1 so maybe by then they’ll have it fixed.