2 Questions

<p>Hi, 2 questions wondering how much these will help me when I apply next year to colleges.
Assume my scores are good enough/a little lower than good enough to get into the schools.</p>

<p>Harvard: my dad went to Harvard Business School back in the 70s. Does his attendce there help me at all when applying to undergrad at harvard?</p>

<p>Stanford: My grandpa, who i was named after and died 6 weeks before my birth, had the best collection of maps of south africa. Like old maps that are worth a lot. After he died, my grandma kept some of the maps and the rest she sold to Stanford. They are part of "SULAIR" aka stanford university libraries and academic information resources, under libraries and collections, under special collections and university archives. The collection is in his name.</p>

<p>Would my grandfather's collection at stanford help me at all? what if i were to use him as a topic for some essay if i had the chance?</p>

<p>No, it doesn't count, because your Dad went to a grad school.</p>

<p>As dasdui said, your father's B-School affiliation won't help you at Harvard College:</p>

Are a student's chances of admission enhanced if a relative has attended Harvard?</p>

<p>The application process is the same for all candidates. Among a group of similarly distinguished applicants, the daughters and sons of College alumni/ae may receive an additional look.


<p>Harvard</a> College Admissions § Applying: Frequently Asked Questions</p>

<p>The Stanford question is a little more out of the ordinary, but since the collection seems to have been a purchase and not a gift, I wouldn't expect a big benefit from it.</p>

<p>Rats, thats what I thought on the Stanford thing as well. While my grandmother did sell the collection for considerably less than they would go separately at auction, i guess it doesn't count.</p>