2 room double in Murphree

<p>My daughter is signing up on line for her dorm room on 5/24. She wants to be in Murphree but we don't know which rooms to try to pick. We've heard the sizes vary and there is nowhere to see a true floorplan. The housing dept says when you go on line to pick there will just be a list of open rooms...no floor plan. Does anyone know which rooms/sections in Murphree have the best/largest 2 room doubles??? Thanks!</p>

<p>g8tormom does she know there is no ac in Murphree? Or at least there was none last year. Unless something has changed.</p>

<p>no, the dorms that don't have ac are buckman and thomas, all the other buildings have ac. also, unless people have changed rooms since the last time i checked, there were no empty 2-room doubles in murphree left. those were one of the 1st rooms to go, and I was trolling the room sign up page since the second I was able to access it as a returning student to try to get one.</p>

<p>Is there any rooms left in Beaty? Do you know?</p>

<p>idk, i just tried to look at the page today, and it looks like now the upperclassmen are locked out.</p>

<p>g8tormom----I have dorm floor plans on a downloaded file, but don't know how to post it here. You can email me and I will try to send it in an email to you. <a href="mailto:jankrav@aol.com">jankrav@aol.com</a></p>

<p>Thanks for the info.....she really wants to be in the Murphree area (except for Thomas and Buckman). Do you have any suggestions if there are no two room doubles left? Any differences between Fletcher/Sledd?</p>

<p>g8tormom---some of Fletcher rooms face University Ave. which can be quite noisy on Friday and Saturday night (my daughter had a single room like this Sophomore year). I think Sledd is behind Fletcher and is quieter overall.</p>