2 unfair unexcused absences

<p>My high school has a new program where i can check my attendance online. I checked it today and it said i had two unexcused absences! I always brought a note signed by my parents for every absence i had, i am 100% sure. I went to talk to the people working in the attendance office and they said since these absences occurred over 30 days ago that they wouldnt change anything... How will this affect me? Is it not a big deal? Do colleges understand these things or will they view it as ditching a class like a criminal record? Thanks i really appreciate the feedback.</p>

<p>They won't care</p>

<p>/thread before people get angry</p>

<p>what do you mean by /thread? Sorry i am new to cc</p>

<p>colleges don't see your attendance...</p>

<p>^^ when you make a format change, like bold or italic, you enter [command]words[/command]. The /thread means, therefore, the thread's purpose has been fulfilled.</p>

<p>I guarantee, your absences do not matter.
Now if they affect your grade--i.e., you have three or whatever unexcused and are lowered a grade letter--then you have a problem.
Otherwise, don't stress over it.</p>

<p>LOL I have 27 unexcused absences in my calc class. I'm supposed to lose credit for it, but my counselor said it was okay since I have a 97 in the class...</p>

<p>^ nice :D</p>

<p>I was gone a TON because of school tennis (district, regionals, state, etc). And it lowered my grades in one of my classes. It's a easy class, where I should have gotten 100, but got a 97. It's still an A+, so I'm not that mad.</p>

<p>This year:</p>

<p>15 days gone because of activity. (tennis, asb, workload, so on. . .)</p>

<p>5 unexcused.</p>

<p>2 inadvertent cuts.</p>

<p>did anyone or any institution care? no.</p>

<p>^Yeah dude. I can't believe they haven't put you in jail yet! 2 absences! Excused or not you better not miss again or you're definitely headed for Hell.</p>

<p>chill out it's two absences!</p>

<p>Yeah, I think I skipped classes to where I'd have 15 unexcused absences in a given class and 5 or 6 entire days... not that admins care (unless it's ridiculous). They don't often look at that.</p>

<p>ohnoez 2 absences....</p>

Do colleges understand these things or will they view it as ditching a class like a criminal record?



<p>Oh wow, it makes so much sense now that colleges don't see attendance (I was lied to, told they would by the IB coordinator). I've skipped so much this past few years (my report card read unexcused absences of 3, 4, 2, 0, 6, 11, 2, 23. Technically I've only been absent twice. I don't know what happened with 1st periods 3 since it's student assistant and all I have to do is sign in to be counted, eh. 2nd period, that guy is weird, I'm always there. English class I love, hell I'm at the class when I don't even have it. Maths' 0 is odd, I've skipped out early to go out to lunch often but only during substitutes but I think the teacher never counted me absent since it's only 9 kids so it's chill. 11...that's economics, retardedly easy economics. 2 was my IB coordinator class, I'm kinda afraid to skip her class. 23, hah that was theater after the cool theater teacher left and me and the new one got in an argument so I just never showed up.</p>

<p>edit: oh! and I got into all my colleges, so it doesn't matter apparently</p>