2 wrongs for math = 760?

<p>i only got 2 wrongs on the oct admi. and it was a 760 :S wtf?</p>

<p>i had it worse. ONE wrong and a 750.</p>

<p>SAme here- 2 wrong 760- the thing that sux is that if we had only missed 1 it woud have been 800 math! Cause it would increase the raw score by 2! Sleep u didnt take the oct i dont think or something weird happend.</p>

<p>Usually you can't miss any math for 800 right?
I got one wrong and a 780 a while ago.</p>

<p>The one wrong --> 750 sounds really wrong though</p>

<p>I got 1 grid in wrong and got an 800. Thank God i didn't miss any more.</p>

i had it worse. ONE wrong and a 750.


<p>Um, that's not possible.</p>

<p>yea one wrong 750 sounds wrong...i got 4 wrong (none blank) and got 740</p>

<p>got 3 wrong 730.. all careless mistakes.. :( its been a while though.. ;)</p>

<p>i missed 4 and skipped 0 and got 720, how did u get 740???? was it the october test?</p>

<p>I got a 780 and missed 2 math. You guys who are freaked out- sometimes weird stuff happens; in March I missed 6 and only got a 690M</p>

<p>Bsbllallstr8 - Don't freak out. The curve is different for different administrations.</p>

<p>okay, allow me to explain. I missed 2 OCT administration and got a 780. you know that you have a .25 pts deduction everytime you miss a question that has four answers and .33 one comparasions right? So if you miss two questions in ONE of the multiple choice sections, you actually miss 2.5 pts ~ 3pts. So actually you miss THREE points.<br>
Now, if you miss two on questions that don't count off, such as student produced answers, you don't lose points- I actually missed one here and one somerewhere else- so you miss ONE point.
So it really boils down to WHERE you miss the two questions, whether it is both in the same section or in different sections.</p>

<p>i think the confusion is that when u get something wrong, u lose points as well as not gain any...think about it this way: on a school test, u start off with 100, and then lose points for getting probs wrong. on the sats, u start of with 0, and gain points for getting probs right.</p>

<p>jlaws30, you are lucky...I missed 1 grid-in on June Test last year and got a 780, and the thing that bugs me is that I know what question it was now and that it was a DUMB error. The question wasn't even a hard one, it was probably rated as a medium difficulity.</p>

<p>had 3 wrong and a 760. . .but i think one or two were in the grid in</p>

<p>ets is a piece of jack..</p>

<p>also, doesn't the curve make a diff?</p>

<p>the test that i took today had 4 math sections, and 3 verbals.i read that 1 of the math sections dont count, so that there would be 60 questions. anyway, on the grid in section i gridded the answer but i think i forgot to bubble in the digits. so right there i omitted like 10 questions and didnt know. plus 6 more questions i didnt get to, plus about 3 or 4 i got wrong. Being that i answered all 4 sections of math. What do you think my raw score is?</p>

<p>me, i got 4 wrong and maybe made a few other careless mistakes --> 660 :(</p>

<p>I've missed 3 gridins, hopefully no multiple choice, but you never know. If the gridins were the only think i messed up on, than i'm looking at a 760 or 750...which isn't what i wanted...expecially since I'm almost certain I made some stupid mistake elsewhere in test (it always happens)...so I prolly didn't improve on my 730.</p>