2 Year Resume (advices Needed!)

<p>Hi, this is a sophomore at in high school.
I really want to go to top schools such as Ivies.
Please review my resume and tell me what I need to do, which can increase the chance of me getting into those schools. =]</p>


<p>South Korean.
Came to America just before my freshman year.
Lived in Thailand for 3 years, Malaysia for 2, Mexico for 3, Korea for 6, and 2 in Texas.</p>


<p>Courses: Physics B AP, Band, World Geo. H, Pre-Cal H, English 1 H, Bio H, Spanish 1
Extracurricular Activities: Chess Club, Math Club, MHMS (playing music at nursing homes), Cross country JV, Math&Science UIL
Leadership: VP in MHMS
Awards: Many from my school, some from math uil, band solo, AMC 12 passed, AIME qualifier</p>

<p>AP Exam: 4 on Physics B AP (retaking it this year for 5)</p>


<p>Courses: Debate H, Spanish 3 H, World His. AP, Physics C AP, Calculus BC AP, Chem 1 H, English 2 H
Extracurricular Activities: Math Club, MHMS, Math & Science UIL, Debate, New Global Citizens (discussing causes and fundraising), Cross Country JV, Student Committee, Spanish Honor Society
Leadership: Class President, Math Club VP, MHMS VP, New Global Citizens VP
Awards: Many awards from debate tourney, Debate Senate semifinalist
Work Experience: Math Tutor (Algebra 2)</p>

<p>AP Exams: Calc BC, Physics C (both mechanics and electromagnetics), World History will be taken in may</p>

<p>Junior Courses signed: Chem 2 AP, Bio 2 AP, US His AP, English 3 AP, Spanish 4 AP, Debate H, Environmental Science AP</p>

<p>Senior Courses Planned: Psycology AP, English 4 AP, GOV/Eco AP, Stat AP, Spanish 5 AP, Debate H (will be teaching class with my coach), Computer Science AP</p>

<p>Summer for this year:
UT debate camp for 3 weeks, "International Law" at Harvard for 4 weeks</p>

<p>I haven;t taken SAT nor ACT yet. Will take Subject test on math 2, world history, physics this june. Will run for president for next year (which i'll probably get, not trying to be arrogant). </p>

<p>So that's all! I know that's not a really strong resume. So what do I need to do?</p>

<p>I know that I need to work on community service, right?
and is it necessary for me to make varsity on my cross country team?</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>there's no such thing as "necessary." I knew a kid who went to yale without a varsity sport in his high school days, and then I saw another one with a 1400/1600, who played warcraft 3 with me most of his senior year, get into cornell. He took only a few AP courses and exams, and MIT took a guy with a 2010/2400.</p>

<p>think about it this way: there's you, with an absolutely insane amount of AP classes (good job, by the way). You might be likely to score well on the SATs (2200+ I'd give); then there's about tens of millions more just like you, kids who follow an "Ivy-league outline" pedantically to get into college.</p>

<p>score all the 800's and 5's you want, be a nat'l merit scholar while you're at it; in the end the biggest question colleges tend to ask is what truly distinguishes you from all the other millions of top-notch kids?</p>

<p>I would make three suggestions.</p>

<p>First -- find a passion and demonstrate it through activites/classes/awards/jobs, etc. Ask yourself -- what are you truly interested in? What intrigues you? </p>

<p>second -- involve yourself in your community. Not just your school community, but your local town. volunteer, see what opportunities for youth there are outside of your school. it is a chance to expand your horizons and meet different types of kids.</p>

<p>third -- get a job. it doesn't have to be a job you work at all the time, maybe just a summer job. But getting a job does a good job of introducing some reality into the typical high school student equation -- and it looks good on a resume. A job related to an interest or passion looks even better. </p>

<p>These are the three things I see missing most often from top students like yourself.</p>