"20,034 to be an Illini next year"

<p>This is why the debates between private schools and the "almost free" in-state publics never seemed to apply to us. Granted, 20,000 is a far cry from 50,000 but it's not a far cry from the total cost of D's schools after her merit money was factored in -- at the most, a 5,000 to 8,000 difference.</p>

<p>$20,034</a> a year to be an Illini? :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State</p>

<p>Wow---that's instate??? We previously lived in IL, and now I'm even happier we left. IU and Purdue are about $8000 m/l year for instate. </p>

<p>I can imagine that some private schools might be less if/when merit money is factored in: Loyola in Chicago, Depaul maybe, others....</p>


<p>Yes, that's instate with total COA (tuition, fees, room and board).</p>

<p>okay---I thought that was just tuition not COA. Big difference! The $8000/year I mentioned was tuition and fees only.</p>

<p>If you are majoring in engineering and other "expensive" majors, it is even higher. My son's FA package says that his tuition will be $13,394, fees $2,998 and room/board $8,764 for a total of $25,156. Pretty high total for in-staters. THEN they said that the Board of Trustees hasn't yet approved tuition and this is ESTIMATED. So it might be even higher. My son isn't going to U of I, since he got into his first choice school on the west coast. I am hoping it will be cheaper to go there than Illinois (we still await that financial aid package).</p>

<p>that's not actually total COA. COA should include books and personal expenses; about another $2300.</p>

<p>I thought the word "Illini" could only be used in the plural.</p>

<p>I thought UIC was no longer using Illini as its mascot?? So nobody should be paying to be an Illini anymore.</p>

<p>U Mich instate COA:
Freshman and sophomore: $22,067
Junior and Senior: $23,395

I thought UIC was no longer using Illini as its mascot?? So nobody should be paying to be an Illini anymore.


<p>They are still the "Fighting Illini." They just can't have the Chief do his dance. I'm told they still do the song and such that was done when he would dance and the students do what they've always done during it.</p>

<p>The State of Illinois does not fund its universities very well from what I have seen. I live in Illinois, but go to Southeast Missouri State. It is maybe $2,000 more a year for me to go to SEMO out of state than it is to go to Eastern Illinois in-state. Those two schools are similar..</p>

<p>UIC has never used the name the Fighting Illini. Chicago Circle used the name Chicataw. Upon the merger of the two campuses, Chicago Circle and Medical Center, there was a campus vote, and the new team name chosen was the Flames. Their mascot is currently a dragon.
You are referring to UIUC.
For the Universities of Illinois, Chicago, Springfield, and Urbana-Champaign, the last I heard, state funding makes up about 20% of the total budget. In the year 2000, it made up about a third of the total budget. The three campuses are hurting. That's why they have all been adding facilities fees and adding in extra fees for "expensive" majors.</p>