20 omit writing sat2

<p>my friend ommited aound 20 questions on the writing sat2 test this past saturday and doesn't know what to do. he spent all hsi time working on the essay and completely lost track of time. he feels like he can get a solid 10 on the essay, perhaps even a 12. </p>

<p>he also took the japanese test and feels he did really well on that, and being a senior, he doesn't want to cancel because he needs 3 sat2s.</p>

<p>anyway, he got 680 on his writing test before, and figures he won't do as well (if he does, then that'd be kinda messed up). do you think the admissions people will see that he got a lower score the second time around? and about what score can he expect?</p>

<p>I accidentally omitted 12 the first time I took it (I didn't see the last page...), with an 8 essay- 680. Second time around, I got 5 wrong, and a 9 essay- 780. I have to say, I think it's highly unlikely that he pulled a 12 essay. I've only seen one even on CC, and the kids here are nuts. I don't know what his subscore was the first time or anything, but bear that in mind. It's never good to add a lower score to your transcript, but if he feels like he did well on Japanese, then I'd keep the tests.</p>

<p>Elizabeth22- there are plenty of people who get 12-essays. I'm one, and I know a bunch of others.</p>

<p>12 on the essay is only 200pts. 20 skipped on the multiple choice takes your score down to what, around 450 out of the possible 600. so the highest he/she can score is about 650. weigh your options. think you got the rest 45 questions right?</p>

<p>i have no idea; i can't speak for him.</p>

<p>he'd cancel his score but he needs the third sat2, which is the japanese test which he also took that day. so he doesn't want to cancel.</p>

<p>now main concern is, then, what kind of score would he be looking at and would it be awful for colleges to go down?</p>

<p>btw, 12 on the essay is not uncommon. i got a 12 on the esssay (750, cumulative)</p>

<p>and on that note, you sure 12 on the essay is only 200 points? says who. and your numbers don't add up. remember, you start out with 200 just by putting your name on, so 200 (base) + 200 (12 essay, supposedly) + 450 is 850.</p>

<p>Does anyone have an essay they know is 12? I'm really curious because I want to read it.</p>

<p>I ditto Jeff Shek.</p>

<p>If I were he, I would just keep the scores.</p>

<p>He already has a 680 writing, thats decent enough.</p>

<p>Didn't he hear the proctor tell them the first 20 minutes are up?</p>

<p>Same here, I'd like to read a 12 essay.</p>

<p>One of my best friends got a twelve on her essay, she never prepared for the test, got a 780. She got a 4 on the AP Eng exam, and a 700 on the Verbal. She just talked about a trip she took. </p>

<p>Another one of my really good friends got a 10 on the essay, again, without studying. She ended up with a 660...also got a 4 on the AP Eng Exam and a 690 on SAT V.</p>

<p>dang..i had more than enough time on the writing..my essay only took like 15 minutes, leaving me 5 minutes extra to work on the MC...my essay took the entire first page, and like 1/3-1/2 of the second page. I got a lot of D's, and it seems that many other people did too..i got like 11 E's....i hope i get a 10 essay...</p>

<p>i dont think colleges will look THAT much down on a person who scored a little less the seconid time...</p>

<p>I got a lot of D's too!!! Nice.</p>

<p>I was worried. I usually don't try to let stuff like that go to my head, but 6 out of 8 questions in a row being D gets you worried, you know.</p>

<p>Elizabeth--REALLY? on the REAL SAT IIs book, your score would be a 730 instead of a 780. There must be a HUGE curve then. But I thought the CollegeBoard book scale would be the same as the actual one.</p>

<p>Yeah, the consensus here is a lot of Ds. I had 11 out of my first 25 questions as Ds and they remained high throughout the test. The Ds balanced out a bit but were still the most chosen answer choice for me. Hope I did well.</p>

<p>i had a 10 on the essay and i thought mine was really good. :/</p>

<p>i got a 10 on the essay, 50/60 mult. choice = 760</p>

<p>btw, the Kaplan book said that would have been a 670?!</p>

<p>The first time I took the test, I missed 8 and got a 9 on the essay = 720. All I did was look at the Barron's version of the essays. I think they usually just look for an intro, 2 strong bodies, and a conclusion. I ended up getting a 12 on the second essay and missing 12 on MC = 780. Hope this helps.</p>

<p>I got a 9 on the essay, but got all MC correct for an 800. All I did to prepare was do the SATII Writing booklet that the College Board gives out. </p>

<p>I don't really think its possible to prepare for writing like you prepare for SAT verbal, its just something that you either can or can't do well.</p>

<p>I got a 10 on the essay and missed 16 multiple choice=700. Ugh.</p>


<p>From what I've seen the curve is great. 5 wrong was an 800 Subscore for MC, and a 9 essay was a 700 subscore. However they weight those and curve them, it came out to a 780.</p>