2008 US News Selectivity Ranking

<p>Can anyone post the 2008 US News selectivity rankings 1-50. I believe its called the selectivity ranking, that uses GPA, SAT, ect.
Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>For national universities:</p>

<li> Harvard University (MA) 1<br></li>
<li> Yale University (CT) 1<br></li>
<li> Princeton University (NJ) 3 </li>
<li> Massachusetts Institute of Technology 3 </li>
<li> Columbia University (NY) 5 </li>
<li> Washington University in St. Louis 6</li>
<li> Stanford University (CA) 7 </li>
<li> University of Pennsylvania 7</li>
<li> California Institute of Technology 7</li>
<li> Dartmouth College (NH) 7 </li>
<li> Brown University (RI) 7</li>
<li> Duke University (NC) 12</li>
<li> Rice University (TX) 13 </li>
<li> University of California—Berkeley * 14 </li>
<li> Cornell University (NY) 15</li>
<li> Emory University (GA) 15 </li>
<li> University of Notre Dame (IN) 15 </li>
<li> Tufts University (MA) 15 </li>
<li> Northwestern University (IL) 19 </li>
<li> Georgetown University (DC) 19 </li>
<li> University of California—Los Angeles * 19 </li>
<li> University of Southern California 19</li>
<li> University of Michigan—Ann Arbor * 23 </li>
<li> University of Chicago 24</li>
<li> Johns Hopkins University (MD) 24</li>
<li> Vanderbilt University (TN) 26</li>
<li> University of Virginia * 26 </li>
<li> Lehigh University (PA) 26 </li>
<li> Carnegie Mellon University (PA) 29 </li>
<li> Boston College 29 </li>
<li> College of William and Mary (VA) * 31 </li>
<li> University of California—San Diego * 31 </li>
<li> University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill * 33<br></li>
<li> New York University 34 </li>
<li> University of Rochester (NY) 35<br></li>
<li> Brandeis University (MA) 36</li>
<li> University of California—Santa Barbara * </li>
<li> Wake Forest University (NC) 38<br></li>
<li> University of California—Irvine * 38</li>
<li> Case Western Reserve University (OH) 40 </li>
<li> University of Miami (FL) 40<br></li>
<li> University of Wisconsin—Madison * 42 </li>
<li> George Washington University (DC) 42<br></li>
<li> Georgia Institute of Technology * 44<br></li>
<li> University of Illinois—Urbana - Champaign * 44 </li>
<li> University of Florida * 44 </li>
<li> University of Maryland—College Park * 44 </li>
<li> Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY) 48 </li>
<li> University of Texas—Austin * 48<br></li>
<li> Tulane University (LA) 48</li>
<li> University of California—Davis * 51 </li>
<li> University of Washington * 52</li>

<p>"Washington University in St. Louis 6"</p>


<p>What is the selectivity ranking, exactly, anyhow? The percentage of students accepted? Or something else?</p>

<p>According to USNWR methodology, the selectivity ranking is composed of the following factors for national universities:</p>

<p>Student selectivity (Fall 2006 entering class):</p>

<p>Acceptance rate (10%)
High school class standing—top 10% (40%)<br>
SAT/ACT scores (50%)</p>

<p>Prestige and selectivity do have a high correlation, I find, though there are some anomalies. For example, Caltech isn't prestigious in the general public (or even known, for that matter), but it's extremely selective.</p>

<p>Does anyone know how the selectivity scores are actually arrived at? I know the percent breakdowns, but how exactly do they calculate it?</p>