2009 Cornell Transfer taking questions

<p>This site was really helpful to me last year, so I thought I'd try and give back by answering any of your questions.</p>

<p>Does Cornell CAS and AEM require SAT scores as a Sophomore/Junior transfer?</p>

<p>Im not sure about that because I transferred to ILR. ILR recommended you to send your scores but it was not required. My friend who transferred to AEM came from a community college as a junior transfer and did not send in his SAT score. But I would call CALS to make sure because I think he was in a different situation. CAS im not sure either, but my friend in CAS who transferred from Uchicago did send in her SAT score.</p>

<p>Thanks man.</p>

<p>Not CALS. lol</p>

<p>AEM is in CALS though so you would have to go through the college to get info about it. Hope thats helpful.</p>

<p>CAS requires SAT scores and generally CALS doesn't, but i'm not sure if that applies to aem. i suspect it doesn't because they have a chart that shows you all you need for each school and i don't remember it being like "SATs not required... except AEM"</p>

<p>I would also be happy to answer any engineers have about transferring to Cornell. PM's work the best for me</p>

<p>Is 3.5 gpa the general gpa that Cornell looks for? Is AEM very difficult to transfer into as it is hard enough for freshmen to get in?</p>

<p>When does the application for cornell open up for the spring transfers?
I am a Baruch Honors student with about a 3.5 gpa. I have a list of ec's and have a great interest in finance. I have a couple of finance related ec's. I have a pretty good teacher rec lined up and feel I can write a great essay for why I am transferring. My high school record is good.</p>

<p>How important do you think the supplement is?</p>

<p>^ You are opted to submit HS record. They just want college work I think and interest in the essays.</p>

<p>supplement is more important than the commonapp, as it asks specifically why you want to go to cornell. 3.5 is on the lowish end, but if you write solid essays, you'll be good to go.</p>

<p>My friend transferred into AEM and he said it is the hardest major to transfer into. The acceptance rate was about 11%.</p>

<p>I know the ilr transfer rate is amazingly high compare with other colleges. But I also understand within this high admission rate there are a lot of guaranteed transfers. So as a non GT, is my chance the to get in ILR the same as to get in other top 20 schools?

<p>When does the Cornell Spring '11 transfer process actually begin? I've looked at Cornell's website and it says to submit applications from Sept. '10 - Oct. '10, but can you actually begin writing your essays and getting your recs ready before that?</p>

<p>Also, what are the best subjects to include in the supplement and the common application? Should the common app have any thing about Cornell mentioned in it?</p>

<p>I'm interested in applying to ILR. Generally speaking, how do you like it? How are the prof/TA? Also, what is Cornell's policy on housing for transfer students?</p>

<p>mathman: your common app should not mention Cornell because all the school you apply to will see this material. The time to mention Cornell is in your supplement. You can begin writing/getting your letters of rec before that for sure.</p>

<p>Lesley: During orientation, out of about 200 transfers, I was one of about 10 "normal" transfers, and out of those 10, about five were junior transfers. Pretty much everybody in ILR is a gt so look at the admissions acceptance rate with caution.</p>

<p>Dazed: THe best way to sum up ILR is its a combination of a lot of history/econ/and law. For me, my first semester was very boring because they were prereqs I had to cover. But second semester, even though I had to take some prereqs, they were very interesting classes. This is the first time in my educational career that I feel like I really learned something and could apply to real life. In your first semester, you will have TAs but by second semester, your classes will be so small, ranging from 15 to about 60. Your professors will definitely get to know your name and get to know you well. For my year, we got shafted in housing but for your year, I believe transfers will all be put in west but Im not 100% sure about that. But it will most definitely be better than living off campus like many of us did this year.</p>

<p>thanks Mac, I plan on going to Law School after my undergrad so ILR sounds like a perfect fit.</p>

<p>yah, most of the students in ILR are gunning for law school. If you go into ILR, you have to take labor law so that might be a good way for you to find out if you want to go into the profession.</p>

<p>mathman: you will need to submit everything between those dates, but definitely start working on your essays before. i'd also start asking profs for LORs and squeeze in any last-minute stuff you'd want them to write about you (extra research, etc)</p>

<p>lesley: i second what macgruber says about watching those numbers. i was the ONLY external humec acceptee for spring '11. 12 total; 6 internals and 5 GTs besides me.</p>

<p>Thank You both Macgruber and ironicallyunsure! This answers a lot of questions. Is it possible to begin on the Common App or Supplement right now? Or is there a specific date when they allow people to start writing the essays, etc. </p>


<p>mathman: I think you have to wait for a certain date when commonapp will update it for your respective application term. I remember trying to get an early start but commapp didnt update it until later. It might be different now, but I would go on the site and see if it has been updated yet.</p>