2009 USNWR Rankings are out

<p>USC is #27. We are no longer tied with other schools at this number so it's good to see we're not falling.</p>

<p>National</a> Universities Rankings - Best Colleges - Education - US News and World Report</p>

<p>SC is now ranked above Tufts and the Univ. of North Carolina. Keep in mind these ratings are from the 2007 freshman class and do not reflect the much higher SAT scores, larger applicant pool, higher GPAs and more selectivity of the incoming 2008 class. Those rankings will be published in the August 2009 edition of the magazine.</p>

<p>USC was ranked #3 by USNWR in its new "Up-and-coming National Universities" List.</p>

<p>Still below UCLA though. Can't wait for that day...</p>

<p>I dont remember what it was ranked last year, but Marshall is up to (I think) #10, so that's good.</p>

<p>wasnt it 9 last year?</p>


I am not 100% sure, but I believe that's where USC was last year too - one or two spots ahead of Tufts.</p>

Last year SC was tied with the Univ. of North Carolina and Tufts Univ. at 27th. This year SC was not tied with another university. UNC was moved to 30th and Tufts to 28th. Next year there should be a jump for SC, in my opinion.
On another forum it is interesting to read how some posters feel the universities "play" the numbers game in attempts to raise rankings.</p>

<p>The undergraduate Marshall School of Business is now ranked No. 10. However, there is a four way tie for 6th. This moved us down one spot, unfortunately.</p>

<p>On a more positive note our specialties in the Marshall School did well.
Entrepreneurship 4th in the U.S. Same as last year
Accounting 5th in the U.S. Same, but is no longer tied
Real Estate 7th in the U.S. Did well here..
International Bus. 5th in the U.S. Big jump..moved ahead of Berkeley</p>

<p>I really thought USC was gonna tie with UCLA this year.</p>