2010-2011 Football Tickets

<p>So...I'm a rising Senior, graduating this academic year, and have 120+ credits. I've never won the lottery not once during my entire tenure at UF. I thought it was about how many credits you have?? I don't understand how a handful of Freshman get tickets from the lottery. I'm not envious, but I'm just ****ed that the Athletic Department is unjust.</p>

<p>A random lottery is unjust... Yea, totally reasonable position. Freshmen can be lucky, seniors can be unlucky</p>

<p>You're just really reallly unlucky.</p>

<p>The documentation they provide says that credit hours is used to determine lottery results. The more hours you have, the higher the possibility of getting tickets. So how does a senior NOT get tickets while an incoming freshman DOES get tickets? That contradicts the information they publish about the lottery.</p>

<p>It's still a lottery. The way to think about it is if you're a category 1, you have 4 balls in the raffle, while a category 4 freshmen only has one ball in the raffle.</p>

<p>So you have a far higher chance of winning, but there's still random chance involved.</p>

<p>How many of those are UF credits? Weren't you a transfer student? From what I understand, it goes by UF credits only, so if you came in with 60+ credits from APs and transfer those wouldn't count toward the lottery. You should still have a better chance than a freshman though.</p>

<p>From what D was told year, they don't count the AP credit. It has to be credit received at UF. So she made sure she had 30 UF hours her first year (14 fall and 16 spring) so that she'd rise to the "sophomore" level in the lottery and increase her chances this year, even though she technically has 75 credit hours completed.</p>