2010 Berkeley Appeal Results


<p>Your Appeal Status
After careful re-evaluation of your application, we regret that we are unable to grant your appeal for admission as enrollment spaces for fall are extremely limited. Please note that appeals are now closed and no additional information will be considered. We wish you the best in your future college plans.</p>


<p>What was your appeal based on?</p>


<p>I kind of expected this as I appealed under econ after being denied for Haas for a couple missing prereqs...</p>

<p>Oh Well...I secretly wanted UCI Business Admin anyways...Decisions for change of majors into UCI Biz Admin come out June 30th! The wait is gonna kill me lol.</p>

<p>Hey guys, did you get this notification electronically though e-mail? or through paper mail? Or did you have to manually log in with your ID & all that to find out your result?
Because I've been hearing various answers & now I'm worried because I have yet to hear back & it's getting pretty late!</p>

<p>P.S - I'm actually not a transfer student, just a prospective first year.. But i couldn't find a thread on the regular admin section & google lead me straight here so itd be nice if I wasn't yelled at. Thanks</p>

<p>PrettyPrestige-the various answers you've been hearing,</p>

<p>are they from transfer students or hs students?</p>

<p>And has any of them been accepted from an appeal? And if yes? what date did they get accepted?</p>

<p>I, too, am still waiting for my appeal results but I'm a transfer student and I have always gotten my results on my application from myberkeleyapp. Hope this helps. Also good luck too! I'm so nervous I want to know already today was suppose to be the deadline but no word yet =/</p>

<p>FUNSIZE52 - They're all from incoming freshman so I don't know or at least think that the information I provide will be of much help..
But okay so I got help with my appeal packet from someone who appealed to Berkeley last year & was accepted miraculously & I believe he received notification around May 15th 2009 or so? </p>

<p>This year I have a couple friends who appealed & one of them sent his appeal in pretty early (like early April even though the postmark deadline was April 15th) so he got his reply (which was a denial) early May this year also. And my other friend sent her appeal in but they LOST her stuff :/ so shes still trying to figure it out with them. But both of these friends said you check online like you did when checked for your original acceptance. </p>

<p>So basically I think you should just keep checking online for updates.. If I remember correctly transfers' appeal send-in deadline was later than the freshman date so maybe yours is still in process?

<p>Oh okay thanks for the info PrettyPrestige.....good luck to you too!</p>