2010 Commencement Speakers

<p>Vassar: Lisa Kudrow (Vassar Class of '85)</p>

<p>Tulane-Anderson Cooper</p>

<p>Notre Dame: Brian Williams</p>

<p>Can I please go to all of the above graduations please?</p>

<p>Rice: Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus( awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Obama last month)</p>

<p>I'm jealous of Tulane's....
Stanford is getting Ambassador Susan Rice, Eboo Patel, and Professor Debra Satz for their weekend...</p>

<p>I'm pretty ****ed off because of this at my school. They are celebrating 40 years of co-education here (having women) and so they wanted a female speaker. OK- so get someone good.... nope! Our commencement speaker will be some women who no one has ever heard of and the only reason she is "qualified" to speak at my graduation is because she (or rather her husband) donated 11.5 million dollars to the school. Wooopeee! We get to listen to some rich lady who I think worked at a few TV networks.. how inspiring.
Last year we had Colin Powell... what a step down.</p>

<p>Cornell - Nancy Pelosi</p>

<p>So, who is it fummer?</p>

<p>Scripps: Sue Monk Kidd</p>

<p>Judy Woodruff? I guess she was on a few news stations and people in journalism might know her, I just know that they asked a bunch of students for the school newspaper and no one had ever heard of her. Older people might know who she is but in terms of being significant for college students, no one has heard of her.</p>

<p>Judy Woodruff is a well known TV anchor and journalist, particularly with regard to politics on a national scale. I think you insulted her to say she was only asked to speak due to a donation by her husband. She is well accomplished in her own right. Look her up.</p>

<p>UNC-Chapel Hill: John Grisham</p>

<p>Judy Woodruff is a well known (I guess only in some circles) and highly respected journalist. I would love to hear her speak. I am not in journalism but I try to stay informed.</p>

<p>Well I apologize if I insulted her, I was just repeating what was published in my college newspaper. They had an article about her speaking and they really didn't say much about her, other than that she donated money to the school, so they made it seem like that was the only thing she did. They said that students didn't know who she was and were annoyed that they couldn't get someone better known, so that was just the info that I had.</p>

<p>P.S. John Grisham sounds awesome!</p>

<p>even before I looked to see who it was- I thought " way to pre-judge- just because to you- they are not a big name"
Guess your perspective is not as broad as you thought.</p>

<p>I was just repeating what was published in my college newspaper.</p>

<p>Good lesson, not to repeat something you don't know is true or not.</p>

<p>Sorry if I sound harsh- but anybody who likes John Grisham brings it out of me. :rolleyes:</p>

<p>Great thread idea! I want to attend them all!</p>

<p>Students don't know Judy Woodruff? Really?! Wow, she's probably the most prominent female political reporter of the past 30 years.</p>

<p>Doesn't say much about the School paper if they don't know who Judy Woodruff is. And how unfortunate for her to read her own press and realize that the journalists at the school don't care to do their research. There's her topic right there... Do due diligence in life. :)</p>

<p>Middlebury is doing a tag team of married authors Nicholas Kristof (NYT columnist) and Sheryl WuDunn, who's new book "Half the Sky" is being picked up as required reading for some school's incoming 2014 freshman.</p>

<p>Reading "Half the Sky" right now - incredible book! Fummer10, you may want to pick it up!</p>