2010 Graduation on the WEB?

<p>Has anyone heard if graduation will be availalbe on The Web? I'm out of the country and even though my favorite mid is on sea year 2, I'd like to see it.
Thanks to all who resond.</p>

<p>Chief - I will be there and will be taking lots of pics and video. If need be, I can send it to you. PM me if you have anyone special that you would like to ensure gets attention....</p>

<p>Hi, Thanks for the offer. No one special. My favorite Mid is on sea year and I just wanted to see it. I saw parts of Navy and AF Academy graduations and wanted to get into the KP spirit.</p>

<p>Hey JRH,</p>

<p>Did you ever take video of the ceremony? If so, do you think you can send me a copy? It would mean the world to me.</p>


<p>Brandon See</p>

<p>I do not have a video</p>