2011-2012 Discus Awards Scholarship

<p>High</a> School Awards and College Scholarships - Discus Awards</p>

<p>Now Accepting for 2011-2012 :)</p>

<p>Traditional high school awards are a lot like freshman algebra—a simple formula without a lot of variables. Discus is different. We look for students who excel in more ways than one, both in and outside the classroom. If you march to the beat of your own drum, while wearing many hats, and teaching an old dog to build a better mousetrap, we want to hear from you. A Discus Award is the only high school award that shows colleges that you have the passion and complexity to make your mark in the real world, not just on paper. Nominate yourself or someone you know today for the award for all-around high school students.</p>

<p>The Discus Awards offer students one additional important benefit: a chance to win one of the Discus Awards College Scholarships. Every month of the school year, a panel of education professionals and others uniquely accomplished in one of the 10 Discus Awards Attributes will select one Discus Awards winner as the recipient of a $2000 Discus College Scholarship. Discus Awards College Scholarship winners will be announced at the end of each month at High</a> School Awards and College Scholarships - Discus Awards and on the Discus Awards Facebook Page. Your first step to winning a Discus Awards College Scholarship and to getting help paying for college is to submit a nomination for the Discus. Get started now!</p>

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