2011-2012 Syracuse MT audition help!

<p>Hi :)
I just auditioned for the MT program at Syracuse. I was wondering if anyone could help me "decode" a few things. I heard a couple students (who seemed pretty talented) say that the faculty asked them why they wanted to go to Syracuse during the sining/monologue part of their audition. Other students said they auditors simply said "Thank you" and others said they asked if the student had any questions and said they were free to go. Does this mean anything significant?</p>

<p>I didnt get asked why I was choosing to major in MT or liked Syracuse. I was stopped halfway through my monologue and asked to do an acting exercise during the rest of it. But then the they just asked me if I had any questions and told me I was free to go. Does this have any significant bearing? Do they usually only asked questions to students they think they are considering?</p>

<p>Thanks for your help!</p>

<p>hi! i auditioned in october as well but for a drama major. so it's kind of similar. i don't think that it means anything. and i think that it's actually good that they stopped you half-way through your monologue to work with you. that means that they wanted to see if you could take direction well. they stopped me during my monologue as well, but they told me that they would before I even started. So, I don't think it's a bad thing. For the questions about SU and your MT major, I wouldn't worry about that either. haha i'm sorry if this didn't help you at all! But good luck! and maybe i'll see you at SU in september! :)</p>

<p>thanks for your help!
i'm just worried because when they stopped me he said he was going to do an exercise where he asks one of my lines as a question and i have to answer him by repeating what he says (idk if thats what he did with you or not) and so i did that but when he asked one of the questions i said "yes" and he was like "no no, repeat what i say" and then we continued. i have no idea why i said yes haha i guess my nerves got the best of me and i responsed to his questions the way i normally would. so i'm worried that that might have cost me :/</p>