2011 December Internation SAT SCORES

<p>On the collegeboard website, it says the scores are available, and when I click and i write my password, in the My Scores it says "Not yet available"
Does anyone have a similar problem?!</p>

<p>It is not any problem at all. It is simply a delay, the same thing as mine. lol</p>

<p>My score is delayed too. That seems common problem. Dont worry. Probably the score will release tomorrow. My friend's October Sat was delayed and he got it the day after.</p>

<p>You guys get your scores ?</p>

<p>Mine are delayed too</p>

<p>Yeah my scores are delayed too.
Anybody know why their scores might have been delayed?</p>

<p>i guess cuz collegeboard doesnt wanna spend some more money and make a new headquarters in some other country so that not all papers would be sent to the same place and take a long time in the exam correction process</p>

<p>has anybody received their scores yet?</p>

<p>no net yet, some say they will be released tomorrow with the score reports</p>

<p>My scores are available since Dec. 22th.</p>

<p>has anyone received his score already? :D</p>

<p>Not yet available. I'm getting frustrated. CB is like putting our fates in their gambles.
Does anyone know when the percentile score report will be released ?</p>

<p>I know percentile score report is released around a week after the releasing of the score. i so agree with you @phuongvunhat. I need to pass my application to a college of my choice by this thursday and i really don't know what to do. :(</p>

<p>Percentile reports are out. Still no notifications from college board. I phoned them three times and they all said I had to wait.
At least they should give me the reasons why my scores are being delayed.
So scary! I know some scores were delayed two months.</p>

<p>Here is the message from College Board: </p>

<p>"Thank you for contacting the College Board.</p>

<p>We have received your email regarding your SAT scores. We will be happy to provide you with the following information. </p>

<p>Your scores are taking longer to report because your answer sheet is going through our exception scoring process. I will write up this request and forward it to the proper department. Someone will be contacting you within 10-14 business days.</p>

<p>We understand that it can be frustrating if you don't see your scores when you're expecting them, and we appreciate your patience."</p>

<p>Another two weeks delayed. I don't know what I did wrong on the answer sheet. I checked it carefully and made no mistake in bubbling my information.
CB is so unfair to international students.</p>

<p>What? 2 more weeks? this is crazy. what is wrong with them :(</p>

<p>"We received your request and forwarded it to someone who is better able to help you in the Escalations Department. You will receive an e-mail within 5 to 7 business days."</p>

<p>CB really? I don't want all these detours. Just give me my scores. I also called them and the guy didn't want to give me a real reason; he was just speaking vaguely why my scores could have in different instances been delayed.</p>

<p>i received the same message. screw them all. :| I bet cause it's holiday season. they are all out celebrating without making sure our scores are okay. :|</p>

<p>Yeah, finally I have my score. I'm quite happy with mine.
You guys should check your score. Probably CB tries to give out the scores before new year holiday.
I wrote them an email and indicated that I need my score before Jan 1 for college and begged them to take my situation into consideration.</p>

<p>Great man. I'm glad at least someone got their scores. I still haven't gotten mine. I am really hoping they will be released tomorrow on the one week anniversary of CB-delaying-my-scores-for-untold-reasons-and-stressing-me-out-about-all-possible-things-I-could-have-done-wrong-during-the-test-to-cause-such-a-delay.</p>