2012. Harvard (?) alumna commits suicide in Russia

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
recently I’ve found a small article about a Harvard graduate (or dropout?) who has returned to her native Irkutsk, Russia and in a few months hanged herself from a bridge. This sad event has happened back in August 2012.


Other articles (in Russian) state that she has left Russia for Australia at the age of 8, finished a high school there, then studied in the U.S. for 4 years, briefly worked in Washington and later returned to Russia. I cal provide the links for those of u who speks Russian.

Has anyone of you known this errant girl? I want to figure out where was she from and if she could have been my pen pal.

I’ve talked to the Russian police, they seem to know far more then they say. The do not disclose her name, however (usually they do).