2012 transfer advice/help

<p>I am hoping to transfer to USC in the fall of 2012 as a junior. I will have around 60 units from one year at a private 4-year school in CA and one year at a CC. The thing is, I have a very complicated situation and I am looking for advice. Or if anyone knows what I should do, please let me know! So I have things that could both hurt me and help me:</p>

<p>I applied as a freshman out of HS with pretty good grades (around a 3.9) and did not get in. So, I attended a private 4-year college for a year and did not love it so decided to follow my dream of attending USC. I did not have the best grades at my old school (first semester around a 2.8 gpa and second around a 3.1). I was on the Business major track and took both macro and micro econ, but got C's in both (C- in one), which I know hurts because they are Business major-related courses. Also I have two W's in Calculus (one from my first school and one from CC this fall), because I was placed too high in math and should not have taken it right away. Transferring back to CC also created confusion with counselors and my placement in courses. So, right now I am thinking very carefully about everything and which major I should apply to as my first-choice and second-choice. Predominantly because Marshall requires you to have Calc completed so I will have to take it again in the spring (obviously without another W). But I have been thinking that maybe I should just take Stats or another math that you need for Annenberg, because that is what I would apply to if I scrapped the Business major. But how bad will 2 W's in Calc look? Would it be better to take it again or just take a lower math and apply to a different major?
I also have things that could help me: I have been in contact with admissions counselors (through e-mail and meetings at USC), I am a legacy (both of my parents graduated from USC), I have strong ECs from HS (tennis, tutoring, volunteer work, service hours, honor roll, clubs, etc) and my first year of college, and I work. I feel like if I have a very strong essay stating why I want to attend USC so badly and explain why I have Ws somewhere, and also raise my GPA this year I could maybe have a chance of getting into one school? I just don't know what to do major-wise :/ </p>

<p>Sorry about the super long post but if anyone could help that would be great! Thanks and good luck to everyone!</p>

<p>I'm also in the process of transferring to USC. I also had two W's, both in two of my Math courses, but I made it up by getting an A in one course, and in the process of taking the other course. I've spoken to my counselor, and according to her, it is definitely okay to have a few W's on the transcript (it is better than a D or F which will ruin your GPA). But she also told me that in order for them to actually look at my application, I would need at least a 3.67 so as long as you have anything above that, you should stand a chance of getting in.</p>

<p>hope that helps! i think it's better if you talk to your counselor about it. My counselor was extrememly helpful.</p>

<p>Thanks for responding! What major are you planning on applying to/are you going to be a junior transfer from a CC or 4-year? And yeah I am hoping to have above a 3.6 after this semester/year but I'm still kind of hoping those other things will help me.. I have also been in contact with a few counselors at USC.</p>