2013 Senior Schedule

<p>It's time for senior scheduling, and my parents aren't agreeing with my choices.
My schedule is:
AP English
SUPA Economics and SUPA Public Affairs
AP Calc BC
AP Latin
AP Art
Business Law
Symphony Orchestra</p>

<p>My parents are disagreeing with my choice to take AP Art next year, saying that I should take AP Bio or AP Chem instead. They say that it will increase my chances of getting into college. If I were to follow them, it would probably be AP Bio.
I've taken the AP World Exam (5) and the AP Chinese Exam (5), and I'm currently taking APUSH and AP Physics B. My GPA is in the high 90s. I haven't gotten my SAT scores back yet. I'm planning on studying business or history education in college.
Some colleges I'm looking into include UPenn, University of Chicago, Cornell, Dartmouth, NYU, and SUNY Stony Brooks. Does my schedule seem good enough or are my parents right? Should I drop AP Art in favor of AP Bio?</p>

<p>Try making another thread, I heard 3 is the optimum number to achieve maximum responses.</p>

<p>^^don't do that he new lol. AP Art or AP Science. Remember it you not your parents. That's all I got to say.</p>

<p>The problem is that my school requires a parental signature for our course selection sheets, and my parents don't approve of that choice. Thus, they refuse to sign my sheet.</p>

<p>Turtleswimmer, it's not that you have a higher chance of getting into college by taking an AP science course, but whether taking AP Bio or AP Chem would help you toward your major. See what you want to major in college first before you decide whether you want to take AP Bio or AP Art. Good luck!</p>