2013 Spring Admit on Calculus :)

<p>Hi I am a 2013 freshman Spring Admit at USC going into the business major so I am taking general ed classes at a local community college. I am currently enrolled in Calculus 1 but am wondering if I need to take it because I noticed that the only math requirement for the business major is Math 118 which is Business Calculus. I don’t want to take Calculus 1 only to take Math 118 when I arrive in the spring. I guess I am wondering what Calculus 1 goes for and if it fulfills any general ed or credits. I know that it is transferable based on the articulation agreement but I don’t want to have taken it if it is not needed or fulfills any requirement. I have contacted USC on advising but they have not been helpful or informative. I am new to this so any information is greatly appreciated! I only have a couple of days to drop the class so I need to know ASAP! :)
Thank You :)</p>

<p>Calc 1 or Business Calc both fulfill the Marshall math requirement. I would suggest taking one or the other at the community college just to get it out of the way so you don't have to take it at USC. I would also recommend just taking Calc 1 if you are not sure if the business calc class your CC offers would transfer over correctly.</p>

<p>Have you taken AP Calculus AB or BC?? I already fulfilled the math requirement by my AP exam score. It would depend on which cc you are going to, but Calculus 1 should fulfill the math requirement</p>

<p>Yes I took AP Calculus AB in high school but I got a 2 on the AP exam score:/ ! I would have preferred to take Math 140 which is calculus for more of the business majors and that class does fulfill the math requirement but I realized it to late. Taking Calculus 1 though shouldn't be to difficult for me since it is still fairly fresh in my mind. Thanks for your help!</p>